Cookie Policy

What are Cookies?

This Cookie Policy provides insight into what cookies are, our use of cookies on [Your Website Name], the variety of cookies we employ, the data collected through these cookies, and how this information enhances your user experience. Additionally, it offers guidance on managing your cookie preferences.

Cookies are minor text files saved on your device to store bits of information. They activate when you load our website on your browser. Cookies are instrumental in ensuring the website functions correctly, enhancing security, improving user experience, and analyzing website performance to identify areas for improvement.

How We Use Cookies

Our website, like most online services, utilizes both first-party and third-party cookies for various purposes. First-party cookies are essential for the website’s functionality, without collecting any personally identifiable information.

Third-party cookies on our website aim to understand website performance, your interaction with our site, ensure security, deliver relevant advertisements, and overall, offer a superior user experience. They also facilitate quicker interactions with our website in your future visits.

Types of Cookies We Use

[This section should detail the types of cookies used by your website, categorized by purpose such as ‘Strictly Necessary’, ‘Performance’, ‘Functional’, and ‘Advertising’. Each category should explain the role of the cookies.]

Managing Cookie Preferences

Cookie Settings

You can modify your cookie preferences at any time by selecting the “Cookie Settings” button. This action allows you to access the cookie consent banner, where you can adjust your preferences or withdraw consent immediately.

Furthermore, various browsers offer different methods to block and delete cookies. You can adjust your browser settings to block/delete cookies. Below are links to guidance documents on managing and deleting cookies from major web browsers:

For other web browsers, please consult your browser’s official support documents.

Strictly Necessary Cookies

  • Name: __cf_bm
  • Provider / Domain: Cloudflare Inc. /
  • Expiration: 30 minutes
  • Description: This cookie distinguishes between humans and bots, aiding in generating valid reports on website usage.